16 Simple Yet Powerful Self-Love Exercises to Transform How You See Yourself

woman making the shape of a heart with her hands

   Learn to Appreciate Yourself With These Self-Love Exercises I can’t do this. I’m not worthy. Why am I so fat/ugly/stupid? We all have moments where we succumb to self-berating, but if thoughts like these are regular visitors in your head, then you need a good dose of self-love. I know, it’s not easy. You’re … Read more

Want Glowing, Beautiful skin? Give Yourself a Facial Acupressure Points Massage

Sabrina apply facial acupressure massage

  Why You Need to Include Facial Acupressure Massage in Your Self-Care Routine I’ve had skin issues ever since the first zit popped up on my face at the age of 12. Fast forward to 32, and my skin wasn’t doing much better. Not only was I still battling the occasional breakouts while trying to … Read more

Best Strategies to Help You Deal With Someone Who Plays the Victim

woman hugging her legs on the bed

  How to Deal with Someone Who Plays the Victim Without Draining Yourself Empty “You’re out to get me, I just know it!” The man said. I could sense his anxiety intensifying with each syllable. Even though I couldn’t see his face on the other side of the telephone, I could tell he had angry, … Read more