6 Simple Self Massages to Relieve Stress and Reduce Pain

woman doing shoulder masssage with balls against the wall

  Self Massage: Why You Need This in Your Self-Care Routine   In the current day and age that we live in, stress is a significant part of our lives. Whether it’s because of the people around us, our jobs, our relationship problems, or general anxiety, stress is always a part of our day. Over … Read more

10 Effective Acupressure Points for Cold Symptoms Relief

acupressure points for cold feature image man receiving massage treatment

  How to Use Acupressure to Treat Cold Symptoms Every culture has their “tried-and-true” cure for the sniffles—from the unsavoury but thankfully obsolete blood-letting practices of medieval Europe, to the more palatable and timeless prescription of chicken soup from the Jewish tradition—they’re all testament to our desire to beat the common cold. The ancient Chinese … Read more

Top 5 Acupressure Points for Anxiety Relief (From an Anxiety Sufferer)

Acupressure points for anxiety on foot

  How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress Instantly With Acupressure I first became interested in acupressure after I was diagnosed with cancer at age 19. My life turned upside down in the span of a week. One morning I went for a blood test to see why my period hadn’t come for months and that … Read more