Here you’ll find a collection of books, podcasts, videos, and quotes that have inspired me and hopefully will inspire you. I’m always adding new content I find on topics such as health, mindfulness, personal development, life wisdom, relationship building, and much more!

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Come and read with me! Here’s a list of books that I LOVE. These are all books that have either taught me new things, inspired new ideas, made me go “wow!”, or even had me burst into tears of joy!



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Here’s a list of helpful websites related to mental health, self-care, personal development, and health:

The Wellness Society offers a free online library of articles, guides, and toolkits to help you manage anxiety, overwhelm, debt, and more!

Anxious Lass is a great blog dedicated to the topic of anxiety.

Self Care Pursuit is another blog I follow with topics focusing on self-care.

Mind Body Green is a popular website with articles on health, mindset, and beauty.

Tiny Buddha is one of my favourite websites with personal stories of triumph, life lessons, and inspiration.