11 Things That Will Help You Get Through Tough Times In Life

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  How To Keep Going In Tough Times Are you having a tough time in your life? If so, this is for you. That’s right, I’ve written these words for you. Because when I was going through some tough times in my life, it was books, videos, and articles like the one I’m about to … Read more

20 Thoughtful Self-Care Gifts For Every Budget

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  Show Them How Much You Care With These Self-Care Gifts On the hunt for a self-care gift? You got the right idea. In this busy day and age, self-care is something everyone could use more of. But don’t just give another scented candle or bath bomb this year, get them something that’ll really show … Read more

How to Always Be Yourself: Start With These 5 Questions

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  5 Questions to Help You Always Be Yourself I liked the feeling of sitting with one of the most popular girls in school—at first. She was beautiful, cool, and confident—everything I felt I was not at age 16. She carried an air of aloofness that made the idea of being friends with her all … Read more

Why You Need to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself (And 7 Tips on How to Do It)

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  How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and What to Do Instead “You got to stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time.” He said. He was an older man, with a booming voice and lively expressions that spoke of his Italian heritage. Angelo was his name. He was the designated volunteer driver of … Read more