10 Simple Lung Exercises I Do to Breathe Easier

  How to Improve Lung Function Naturally With Exercises for the Lungs Our respiratory function is vital to our overall health and quality of life. If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of shortness of breath, you’ll know just how much both our body and our mind rely on our ability to breathe. But besides the … Read more

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

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  How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up Months into my blogging journey, I started to feel the urge to walk away from the whole thing. No matter what I did, the stats on my site weren’t improving. My readership wasn’t growing as fast as I liked, hardly anyone commented on my … Read more

7 Simple Tips to Help You Enjoy the Little Things in Life

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  How to Stop Chasing Happiness and Enjoy the Little Things in Life I bet a hundred dollars you have heard, or even said the following line at one point in your life: I’ll be happy when… I Get in the top university in the country. Make 6 figures. Find my soulmate. Land that promotion. … Read more

How To Keep Your Spirits Up When You’re Stuck At Home

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  Simple Tips to Help You Feel Better When You’re Stuck Inside for a Long Time How many days has it been now since you’ve been stuck inside? Is it because of bad weather? A health condition? Or the dreaded pandemic that’s wreaking havoc in almost every corner of the world? Whatever it is, I’m … Read more

50 Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

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  Social Distancing Got You Bored At Home? Here Are Some Fun Ideas to Keep You Busy As I’m writing this, millions of people across the world are being forced to stay home. It’s an extraordinary time in history indeed. I, myself, am not under official government-directed lockdown at the moment (though that can change … Read more