17 Things You Can Do Today to Get Your Life Together

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  How to Get Your Life Together: 17 Tips to Help You Take Control of Your Life When doctors finally pulled out the Hickman line from my chest—a catheter that accompanied me for the better part of 3 years as I battled two bouts of Leukemia—and at last, declared me a woman free of cancer, … Read more

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

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  How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up Months into my blogging journey, I started to feel the urge to walk away from the whole thing. No matter what I did, the stats on my site weren’t improving. My readership wasn’t growing as fast as I liked, hardly anyone commented on my … Read more

115 Positive Thinking Quotes That Will Improve Your Mindset

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  Positive Thinking Quotes and Sayings to Help Brighten Your Attitude and Outlook on Life I’ve long held the belief that words have the power to change our world—or at least our perception of it. Words filled with negativity and self-doubt can feel like a lead weight on our ankles while words that beam with … Read more

Your Whole Life Can Change When You Start Something New

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  Why You Need to Start Something New in Life Every Now and Then, And Tips on How to Do It (Plus Free Inspirational Quote Cards for Download) A new hobby. A new routine. Or a new job in a new city. When you start something new—however insignificant or ginormous it may seem—you’re lighting a … Read more

How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams With Ease (Free E-Guide)

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  How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals and Dreams With the Stephen Duneier Method (FREE Printable Included) What is the biggest roadblock between you and your goals and dreams? I’ll tell you what it is for me: I get stressed and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I know I have to do … Read more