Why You Need to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself (And 7 Tips on How to Do It)

man sitting by himself on the beach

  How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and What to Do Instead “You got to stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time.” He said. He was an older man, with a booming voice and lively expressions that spoke of his Italian heritage. Angelo was his name. He was the designated volunteer driver of … Read more

7 Useful Tips to Help You Fall in Love with Spending Time Alone

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  The Benefits of Spending Time Alone and How to Make the Most of Your Alone Time Do you feel bored, restless, or lonely when you’re by yourself? You want to do something to fill the time, but you can’t seem to focus on anything. Instead of feeling relaxed and content, you feel sorry for … Read more

Finding True Happiness: Lessons, Reflections, and Tips on How to Be Truly Happy

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  2 Lessons I learned About True Happiness (Plus Tips to Help You Cultivate Happiness in Life) You hear the word “happiness” all the time—on TV, in books, and on social media. It seems like this valuable and yet elusive treasure everyone’s looking for, but only a few are lucky enough to find. I’m no … Read more

Why You Need A Positive Attitude At Work (And How To Be Positive In The Workplace)

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  How to Keep a Positive Attitude in the Workplace What do you think is the number one factor that determines your success in any job? Your technical skills? The number of hours you clock in each week? Your ambition, focus, or problem-solving abilities? While these things do count, they’re peanuts compared to what truly … Read more

10 Inspiring Books That Changed My Life in Unexpected Ways

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  Best Inspiring Books to Read The first books I remember reading were Grimms’ Fairy Tales. They came in a set of two or three books⁠—I can’t remember exactly⁠—stacked and bound together with a white ribbon. They were the nicest books I’d seen up till then—with thick, textured hardcovers that were this deep, tantalizing green, … Read more