40 Things to Be Grateful for When You’re Having a Bad Day

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  Simple Things to Be Grateful for, Even When You Don’t Feel Thankful Having a bad day? Week? Month? Here’s something that’ll help make you feel better—gratitude. Okay, I understand. You’re skeptical. Can gratitude really cheer me up? Does it really make a difference? I once had the same doubts. I couldn’t imagine how “counting … Read more

How to Always Be Yourself: Start With These 5 Questions

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  5 Questions to Help You Always Be Yourself I liked the feeling of sitting with one of the most popular girls in school—at first. She was beautiful, cool, and confident—everything I felt I was not at age 16. She carried an air of aloofness that made the idea of being friends with her all … Read more

7 Steps to Embracing Change Without Fear or Frustration

  How to Cope with Changes in Life With Grace Change. Some of us love it. Some of us dread it. I’m guessing you’re not a change enthusiast, or else you wouldn’t be here reading this article. Hey, I get you. Who doesn’t like the efficiency and the comfort of a well-practiced routine? Our fondness … Read more

8 Best Lessons I learned in Life From Cancer

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  Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From a Cancer Diagnosis I’m celebrating a remarkable milestone this August—10 years of being cancer-free. Once upon a time, 10 years seemed like a distant goal for me. During my most pessimistic phase, I didn’t think I’d even make it past 3 years, let alone 10. And now here … Read more