Top 5 Acupressure Points for Anxiety Relief (From an Anxiety Sufferer)

Acupressure points for anxiety on foot

  How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress Instantly With Acupressure I first became interested in acupressure after I was diagnosed with cancer at age 19. My life turned upside down in the span of a week. One morning I went for a blood test to see why my period hadn’t come for months and that … Read more

Chinese Food Therapy: What is It and How It Benefits Your Health

tea with tea pot

  The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Food Therapy He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician. — Chinese proverb I was raised in a culture where food is everything. To the Chinese people, food is more than just a simple necessity of life. It embodies pleasure, solidifies social and … Read more