10 Things That Will Help You Shake Off The Post Holiday Blues

Post holiday blues feature image woman lying on bed covering her face

  Vacation is Over, Now What? Tips to Help You Beat the Post Holiday Blues The holidays are over, it’s time to get back to reality. As you settle back into your daily grind—perhaps after a memorable trip to another part of the world—and the bills start to pour in, you can’t help but feel … Read more

7 Steps to Embracing Change Without Fear or Frustration

  How to Cope with Changes in Life With Grace Change. Some of us love it. Some of us dread it. I’m guessing you’re not a change enthusiast, or else you wouldn’t be here reading this article. Hey, I get you. Who doesn’t like the efficiency and the comfort of a well-practiced routine? Our fondness … Read more

Why You Need to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself (And 7 Tips on How to Do It)

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  How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and What to Do Instead “You got to stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time.” He said. He was an older man, with a booming voice and lively expressions that spoke of his Italian heritage. Angelo was his name. He was the designated volunteer driver of … Read more

How to Love Yourself Unconditionally, Even When You’re Suffering

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  How to Love Yourself Unconditionally No Matter What Hurdle You Encounter Do you struggle with any of the following feelings? you feel sorry for yourself you feel ashamed about yourself in some way you feel like you’re not good enough Then it’s time for a wake-up call: you’re not getting enough love from the … Read more