Feeling Hurt Again? How to Stop Taking Things Personally in Life

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  How to Not Take Things Personally⁠—A Practical Guide to Help You Not Internalize Those “Ouch” Moments in Life Do you often feel hurt by something someone has said or done? Does it feel like people are rude or insensitive to your feelings all the time? Why is she looking at me like that? People … Read more

Want To Be Less Angry? First Recognize Who’s Making You Angry (And It’s Not Who You Think)

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  How to Release Anger Before It Takes Hold of You He made me angry. He pushed my buttons, poked at my scars, and laughed at me from high above to get at me. I couldn’t help it. He made me angry. That was exactly what I told the therapist when I first sat down … Read more

Do You Have These Unusual Qualities of a Good Friend?

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  7 Qualities of a Good Friend We Should Cultivate Within Ourselves Ask yourself this: “Are you a good friend?” Your answer is probably a resounding yes. I’m sure you’re very reliable, empathetic, respectful, and whatever else that makes you a great friend. But today, I want to explore some unusual qualities of a good … Read more